What is infra Red

Ben Teague & Associates have the necessary equipment and expertise to evaluate buildings using the latest thermal technology. Thermal inspections are a stand-alone service requiring attention to specific site conditions. The time necessary to conduct a thermal inspection can not be accurately estimated therefore the services is billed hourly at $250 per/hour.

Infra Red is a specific frequency of light wave within the many wavelengths or frequencies in the spectrum of light. Typically Infra Red is thought of as heat radiation but all frequencies of light will radiate heat. Infra Red light  or electromagnetic radiation is not visible to the human eye.

A great deal of the suns energy hits the earth in the form of infra red.

Special cameras have been developed to detect and display a visual portrait that illustrates the volume or measurement of infra red energy emitted by an object.

Along side other tools that are used with the thermal camera, the thermal camera is located in the top right side of the case.

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